Hire Terms & Conditions

Hours of Hire

  • Hire is available weekdays between 8.30am and 5pm
  • Hire is unavailable prior to 8.30am or after 5pm Monday to Friday, unless negotiated with centre staff
  • Hire is unavailable on weekends and public holidays

Booking Confirmations, Deposits and Payments

  • Bookings are to be confirmed at the time of booking or within 14 days of making the booking, until confirmed a booking will be considered as tentative
  • If a booking is within 14 days the booking is to be confirmed immediately
  • A tentative booking will be cancelled if not confirmed within 14 days, at which stage you will be notified that your booking no longer stands
  • Hire fees and equipment use will be invoiced on completion of hire

Additional Charges

  • Additional charges will apply outside business hours ($75/hr)
  • Additional charges will be charged if the facility is left in a less than desirable way

Familiarisation of facility

  • Customers need to participate in a familiarisation on arrival


  • Alcohol is allowed on the conditions that a liquor license is obtained
  • The District Council of the Copper Coast will lodge the liquor license on behalf of the Customer
  • Customers wishing to serve alcohol must supply and serve their own alcohol and have a responsible person on site
  • Customers are responsible for notifying the local police of their function
  •  Cost of a liquor license is the responsibility of the Customer and will to be invoiced at the same time as other expenses
  •  Customers must meet liquor licenses laws and regulations as well as undertake a duty of care for responsible drinking

Other Information

  • Room hire includes use of the urn
  • Rainwater supplied and fridge
  • Hirers are required to bring all associated items if they wish to have any food and drinks
  • A list of local caterers is available if you wish to arrange catering